Website services.

  • Basic to Advanced websites using the latest microsoft.net framework.
  • E-mail addresses for your family or staff.
  • Data driven interface for page content updates and file collaboration.
  • First year Domain name and website hosting included.
  • Regular backup of online database and files. To help prevent data loss.

Website Design & Re-Design:

Using your existing website content and architecture we can help you redesign your current website with less of a financial investment than creating a completly new website. Using proven design techniques, Clients, family and friends can enjoy a visually up-to-date user experience.

Custom Website Design:

Are you a new company in need of a web presence? We can help project your ideas into a working tool for your business. We take you through the process step by step with weekly updates and communication. Your website will be a tool you feel comfortable in using.

Content Management:

Keeping your content up to date is very important. We build these components into your web site. From club event calendars, User created photo galleries to client partner file collaboration, your site will function exactly as you envision it working.
Content management is not just for big business anymore. Your small business or family can enjoy the benifits of a content managment system.

  • Allow for selected people to share and contribute to stored data.
  • Control access to data based on that users identity.
  • Facilitates storage and retrieval of data from anywhere on the planet;
  • Control data validity and compliance, Reducing duplicate inputs;
  • Simplify Collaboration with remote partners, Salesmen with real time project data;
  • Improve communication between clients, partners, users, family, friends;
  • Collaborate: documents, movies, texts, pictures, phone numbers, articles etc.

Our content management sites provide easy to use insert and update tools. You or your staff can log in and access the interface that does not require any HTML or coding experience. The web interface is as simple to use as creating an office document or attaching pictures as in any email program. Any updateable content on the site can be selected, edited and posted back to the website in near real time.